Create a professional offer in a few minutes and send it to the customers.

Remember, what is crucial, that the customer decides on a concrete offer from many others. We help you to distinguish yourself through good-looking offers.

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Free programm for creating offers

tworzenie oferty dla klienta

Good preparation is the basis of success !

Enter in a few steps the data and logo of your company. Simply add your products and services to the created catalogs. It is possible to create personalized thanks or to edit the existing one.

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Step out from the competitors through your offers !

Everything ready! Now you can write professional offers in a few minutes and choose the products from the database. If you wish, you can also attach a PDF file and the offer will continue to have a consistent image design.

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Look forward to won orders !

The appetite comes while eating….
Create your own offer styles and update both the product database and services database. Add customer data regularly because it brings the expected results.
Analyze achievements and failures. Every experience increases your professionalism.

Desktop and Mobile App (coming soon)

The OfertaPro App can be used on a computer as well as on a tablet and smartphone – in a web browser.

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How does OfertaPRO work ?

Data storage according to the GDPR

It only takes 30 seconds to enter the customer’s data into the database.
By being able to import data from the Federal Statistical Office’s database, all customer data can be downloaded at the click of a button based on the tax number (checking whether a particular company is present in the list of entrepreneurs).

All your customers in one place! – available online

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tworzenie oferty pozycje

Create personalized offers

The style of the commercial offer is as important as the content.
The graphic layout, the arrangement of individual information, photos and titles play an important role in the positive reaction to the offer of a potential customer. To be honest, we do not always have the time, the imagination, the strength or the idea to create a brilliant offer that will delight the recipient with his appearance.

Professional offer sells faster!

Generate PDF and send it to the customer

When making an offer, remember the good old saying: “fine feathers make fine birds”. It means that people judge by their outward appearance. Aesthetics and order are very important – it is our business card. If you make a proposal carelessly, make some mistakes, the recipient will immediately notice that you are negligent and lose confidence in you, which means that he does not choose to work with you.

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Our solutions for all sales departments


Add PDF file with calculations of installation profits and enrich it with photos of built-in photovoltaic components.

Construction services

Professionalism in the industry allows you to achieve higher profit margins because the customer knows he is dealing with a professional !

Electronics trade

The adaptation of the style of the offer presentation and product specification with a few clicks!


What happens to the sent offers?

Why did not you get an answer from the customer after sending the offer?

If you run a business, you’ve probably experienced a similar situation many times. You have worked many hours, dedicated a whole day and nothing! You have submitted an offer and have not received an answer. You can always get nervous and think carefully about what you are doing wrong … try to look at the offer you have made with the eyes of the customer and objectively assess whether it was aesthetic and attractive.

What should an attractive offer look like ?

An attractive offer is a successful offer! Consider it if you want to attract as many customers as you can. Many elements are responsible for the attractiveness of the offer. And it is the inclusion of everyone in the offering that is critical to success.

Elements of the attractive offer:

  • interesting graphic layout
  • Photos of products / services we offer
  • short description, characteristics of the product / service

Some reasons why the customer ends the contact with us after receiving the offer:

1. Long waiting times

Almost all of us, if we want to buy a product or service, send the request to some companies. In this case, we have the opportunity to compare the prices and individual offers and choose the best competitor. Whoever submits and sends us the offer as the first one has the advantage and often gets the order. If you have to waste too much time and energy to make the offer or have no clear vision of what the offer should be like, you are often already in a losing position. The customer will not wait a few days to make the offer. According to the surveys, the buyers are most often compared to the first three offers and below this the future contractor is chosen.

2. Unaesthetically created offer

When making an offer, remember the good old adage: “fine feathers make fine birds”. It means that people judge by their outward appearance. Aesthetics and order are very important – it is our business card. If you make a proposal carelessly, make some mistakes, the recipient will immediately notice that you are negligent and lose confidence in you, which means that he does not choose to work with you.
The customer assumes that if he has received a professional offer from you, that means that he can count on a professional service from your company. The way you make the offer often decides whether the customer places the order.

3. Price

Poor description of products, no photos and still this price – that’s how the customer thinks after he received a not meticulous offer. We are all eye-people and like to surround ourselves with beautiful, decent things and can pay a lot just to get them. It’s worth using! Create an aesthetic, carefully compiled sales offer with beautiful photos and interesting graphics, and you’ll see for yourself how many customers can pay for your product!

You and offers

Think about how many offers you have prepared, were associated with the order. Now think about how many hours, days, weeks you have lost in preparation for offers that have not brought you a single € (€). Sorry, right? 

Discover a way to increase the effectiveness of your offers !

It’s very difficult to make an attractive offer without being a graphic designer and marketer at the same time. The attractive offer consists of many elements … So think of a helper who knows you like no other. Do you want to get to know him?

We present the Oferta Pro!

The words in which it can be described are: reliable, professional and EFFECTIVE !

Now ask yourself how much such a “helper” will cost you? Nothing at all! The Oferta Pro is free and serves only for the successful sale.

Why is Oferta Pro the most effective way to increase sales and the number of accepted offers ?

  • Every prepared offer is aesthetic, which significantly influences the professional image of the company
  • Interesting page layout, text placement makes the customer curious and guaranteed that he reads the offer to the end.
  • The quoting process is very efficient and fast – basically, we can make an attractive offer to the customer within minutes of receiving the request

Oferta PRO is a free sales support application that lets you professionally write better deals and build customer relationships.


Oferta PRO

  • always free offer
  • many offers patterns
  • Possibility of creating the individual creator
  • Integration with Comoveo CRM App